The Authors

Black and white image of Governor Dan WalkerGovernor Dan Walker’s published titles include the award-winning The Maverick and the Machine, Southern Illinois University Press, 2007, his national best-seller—the “police riot” report on the 1968 Democratic National Convention—and another non-fiction award-winner. Gov. Walker served as president of the Mob-fighting Chicago Crime Commission, but ten years after ending a scandal-free administration, he was convicted and served time in prison for a loan made by his S&L—which he resolved and which cost taxpayers nothing in bailout money. Gov. Walker’s unique background gives him a commanding perspective on the corruption pervading Illinois hardball politics.

Peggy Lang with a cup of coffee and an open bookPeggy Lang ghost co-authors material ranging from political memoirs–The Maverick and the Machine–to lighter material–Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker/Marla Martenson–to novels–a Silhouette Athena Force adventure—and screenplays. She also teaches narrative writing at UCSD and elsewhere. She enjoys writing as a non-ghost whenever possible.